Have You Missed IT? Is It Too Late?

Discover the Meaning of Your Life

Relax, take a breath; You have missed IT, but be assured you are not too late! Whether you are under 35 or over 45, you might have a nagging feeling that something is missing. Don't worry; this is part of the human condition. The nagging feeling is good. It is a red flag; it is a call to wake up to the truth.

People can discover at any age that there is an IT in their life that is missing. This absence is usually recognized before we are 35 and after we are 45. In between those ages, most people are too busy just doing things and don't notice the vacancy. The IT is not about having good relationships, or social status, or a good job or enough money. The IT is what it means to find fullness in your life, in your relationships and in your work. This discovery is about finding fullness in everything that you do.

When one has fullness, we have meaning, and fulfillment and joy. There is a satisfaction that what we are doing is what we are meant to be doing; that there is something bigger than ourselves that is at work in our life. We sense that we are applying ourselves so that the world we encounter is a better place. We feel we are leaving a legacy, so to speak.