The Word Will Spread

Good Morning, my friend.

The good news spreads! It becomes viral.

Each of us has a gift, something that we can do so well that it comes to us naturally. The journey of a purposeful life truly begins when we become one with the gift. The gift has been part of us from the moment we were conceived.

As we apply our gift in the service of others a covenant is formed between gift and the opportunities that come to us each day where we apply the gift. From the application of the gift there comes an energy, a passion, a curiosity for life that drives everything you do. This covenant relationship is bigger than us.

Out of this covenant relationship, between our gift and opportunity, comes what is the better part of us; this is divine intent.

When our gift is applied rightly the good news of our work spreads without a determined effort. Good news is something that everyone wants to share; it becomes viral.

As we live in gift each day the miracles of life unfold. To understand demands us looking at things thought the eyes of faith, to embrace that which is hard for the human mind to believe.

The official experienced the miracle of his daughter's recovery because he shared his gift and came to the Lord in faith. Even though the crowd ridiculed him...the little girl arose and news of this spread throughout all the land (Mt. 9:18-26).

Morning: Help me today to see the miracles that are working through my gift.

Evening: How today did I observe my gift working for those I encountered?

-Thomas Winninger, Commentator "Landing Up Encounters!"


Since the time of creation, the human condition has asked itself questions of existence. "Why do I exist? What am I meant to do with my life? Why does my life have no direction? Why am I so busy but not getting anywhere?"

The quest for the answer to these questions is not a quest at all but a pattern that one is called to awaken to that is built into the DNA of each of us. This quest is an "inside job" not an "outside journey." Interestingly enough, this quest has proven true for individuals and organizations.

Neither relationships nor work are the secrets to life, nor are they the door to one's personal identity. Work is important; meaningful work is more important: work where you can use your gift to its best advantage. Since most of the population needs work to receive compensation, there is nothing wrong with work, but what is important is what purpose you bring to the work.

The confusing thing to most of us is that the world these past 50 years has seen the greatest economic boom of all time. More people own more things, spend more money and do more things than at any time in history but the world is also at an all-time high in personal dissatisfactions. Over 50 percent of the population in most developed countries is unhappy; living without meaning and purpose.


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