You Have the Power

Good Morning, my friend.

You have the power to bring hope.

Besides love, hope is the foundation of a meaningful life. Hope, the secret to sustaining life's purpose, hope is fueled by a faith filled heart. Where there is no faith there can be no hope. Faith is the confirmation that there is something bigger going on in your life that YOU!

One can attain almost anything the world has to offer but without faith there is no resilience when things in the world become meaningless and they will.

Faithful hearts sow hope, reap the fruits of humility, open new fields for planting and seek the truth, for what you sow you reap.

The way to have an abundance of hope is to bring hope to others. Demonstrate to those you encounter what is means for have hope; how good can come out of almost any situation.

Recall the good things in your life that came out of situations that at first seemed meaningless and unimportant.

Show those you encounter that you live a life of hope fueled by a faithful heart, for hope will cure an ailing soul.

Morning reflection: Help me today to share my hope fueled by a faithful heart with all whom I encounter

Evening examine: Where today did I bring hope to others closest to me?


The Power of Questions

Thom will point to what questions you should be asking about your life and work. Then he'll show you how to get better answers to these questions: It has to do with the quality of the questions you ask, as their quality determines the quality of the answers that come.


What is a slump and how do you get in it?

A slump can be anytime in life when things did not work out the way one planned. For whatever reason, one does not have the energy, insights or commitment to get out of the slump. A slump can be launched when one plans on something happening that did not happen, or something did not happen the way one had planned.

Slumps also result from comparison. People compare themselves to others. They compete for the same things. They seek the same opportunities and nothing seems to pull them out of the slump. Some believe we can fix everything with medication. WRONG. In most cases, medication creates a false reality; a dependency that misdirects reality.

The world teaches erroneously that if you meet just the right person, get just the right job or live in just the perfect place, you can pull yourself out of a slump. The world believes that people, places and things will make life full of meaning, happiness and satisfaction. But these objects of desire don't provide meaning or satisfaction because the person doing the believing is still the same old person. Those who don't end up satisfied complain that it is because they did not find just the right person, place or thing.