Who am I?
What is the purpose of my life?
What am I going to do with the rest of my life?
Why is there so much tension in my daily life?
Why do I feel stuck, unhappy, frustrated, unsatisfied?
Why am I working so hard but not getting anywhere?
Why do I feel like the world is passing me by?
How do I find clarity and direction in my life?
Why are my relationships not working?
Why didn't I get the job out of school that I prepared for?
Why haven't things turned out the way I had planned?
Why do I feel unappreciated?
What are my talents and gift?

The secret to getting answers to life's biggest questions is to select only one question to bring into focus at a time. Unfortunately, most people take a list like this and just keep passing it through their mind until they are more frustrated with the questions than they are with not having any answers to the questions.

There is a human side and a divine side of life. The human side resides in the head while the divine side resides in the heart. The head must find quantifiable answers to life. To the head, there must be a formula even for love, while the heart embraces the unanswerable with joy. Pick out one of the questions listed above that gets your attention. Each morning for the next five days, spend a few minutes writing what comes to you when you contemplate the question. Each evening, examine what people and experiences come to you that speak to the question. During the next few days you will see what I call "convergence of insights." Ignatius of Loyola practiced this exercise throughout his whole life. As a result, he founded the Society of Jesus (members are called Jesuits) more than 500 years ago. Ignatius also became a saint.


Creating Your Life's Blueprint

Winninger shares with you the principle of objectives. He will explain what Aristotle called teleology, the cause and effect of your goals in life and the power they bring to realizing your full potential.


You are not confirmed until you engage; until you take action.

You are inspired in reflection, but you are not confirmed until you take action, until you engage. It is in action that flows from reflection that you discover the path to which you are called to serve.

The Lord revealed that "as you go"; as you take action on the desires he placed in your heart your life's mission unfolds in reality. Confirmation comes when you do things that come from the insights you receive in prayerful reflection.

There is no truth in believing that you can think you way into anything meaningful. It is in meaningful action that the insights you have receive planning are confirmed. Planning, prayerful reflection is critical but don't let yourself get perpetually stuck in it without taking action.

Live love in action, restore hope, engage those without purpose, embrace the rejected, and profess the truth.

To make the world work, people must participate.

The Lord revealed that when we follow the insight we receive from scripture, he will confirm the right path through the people we meet, the situations we experience, and the opportunities that come to each of us.

He said, "Without cost you have received; without cost you are to given" (Mat. 10:7-15)

This is divine intent means by surrender. When you are willing to be led, your life will discover meaning and fulfillment.

Morning: Help me to recognize when I am are confirm today.

Evening: Where today was I confirmed in my actions?

-Thomas Winninger, Commentator