Don't get caught in Liminal Space

or should you?

Liminal space is the gap between two points in life. It can be the gap between jobs, relationships, or promotions. It can be the space between graduation and landing the job. It can be the difference between retiring and finding purpose in retirement.

Liminal space is a principle of life. Remember, you are not always there; sometimes you are here, and sometimes you feel nowhere! The job went away, the lifestyle went away, the relationship went away. Think for a moment with me that almost everything does goes away. The mistake of the human condition is to chase what goes away. Our human condition has convinced us that we cannot live without something. When we lose this something, we rush back to try to capture what was lost or we rush forward to replace it with something; anything.

So many people who come to me share that their new relationship has as many problems as the last one; the new job wasn’t any better or more fulfilling. The new church left as many gaps in their faith as the last place they worshiped. You ask, “why”? The answer is because you don’t want to live in the in-between, and you don’t want the pain of being in liminal space. You can go find a new somebody, a someplace or a something, but I guarantee over time you will be just as unsatisfied with the new thing because it still is the same old YOU. You took that YOU with you!

The case study is so repetitive. They say, “I am moving to a new place so things will be better. If I have the job I really want I will be a more productive person. I will be happy when”…but when never comes. Liminal space is a gift. It is the space to take the time for self-discovery. It is an opportunity given to you to discover your gift and the talents you have to support it.

Liminal space is precious time to look inside to meet the real you so that the world you are meant to experience will come to you rather than you having to chase after it. Liminal space is the time to reflect on who you really are, what talents you have been given, what opportunities are naturally coming to you, and where your energy and joy are coming from. It is time to discover Divine Intent for your life and seek the energy of grace to have it happen.


Overcoming Adversity

Overcome adversity by leaning into it rather that turning away from it. If you try to hide from adversity and pain, it will not leave you . It must be met in liminal space. Liminal space is the time of growth and transformation.