How much resilience do you have?

Are you able to bounce back?

It is hard to be resilient if you don’t know where you are going! There is no hope without direction. There is no direction without a destination. There is no direction without understanding the purpose of your life and there is no way to understand purpose without an understanding of the gift you have to share.

Are you a gatherer, a leader, a teacher, or a student? In other words, is your gift to gather, to lead, to teach, to study? When you share your gift you find hope and your resilience level increases. We all experience situations and people from which we must bounce back. Resilience is the energy to not let things get us down so much that we cannot get ourselves back up. Your gift is the medicine of hope. If you have some insight into what comes easy to you, then you will gain some insight into what your gift is that calls you to your purpose. Do not be confused; strengths are talents, not gifts. Talents support the application of a gift. I have come to realize that my gift is to unpack things so that I can teach the truth of life so others can find their purpose. This is all a path.

Note that a gift is not something you learned; it was given to you. It came without cost and is to be shared without cost. A true gift is a part of your DNA and you cannot explain to others how you do it, your real energy and passion come as a result of sharing it. You can apply your gift in all parts of your life so it is convergent. People get confused when they take personal assessments. A gift is a single attribute, supported by your personal characteristics and strengths. Don’t be confused skills are not gifts but that you learned so well that they become a natural part of you. Strengths are not the gift, but are there to support the gift.

Discover your gift?

  1. What comes to you naturally?
  2. What gives you the most energy when you share it?
  3. What personal attribute can you apply equally in all parts of your life?
  4. What can you do that you cannot explain to others?


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