How is your self-inventing going?

How is your self-inventing going? No I am not speaking about inventing things as in Thomas Edison? I am speaking about your life? I'm speaking about inventing your life. For some reason in the past several weeks I have encounter a number of people who intimate that their life is not working and they are in the process of reinvention, they are in the process of creating a new self. Perhaps the ads on television about the subject of becoming a new person like the person portrayed in the ad have subconscious or consciously anchored the idea in their mind. When asked about how they intend to reinvent themselves they talk about changing things, where they live, where they work, their social activities, their fitness commitment.

This whole idea of self-made, as in inventing a new self or reinventing the old self, is a fallacy. First, if reinvention was really possible none of us would have the determination to accomplish it. Second, we are not houses and makeovers like presented on the multitude of television shows cannot be applied to the mind, heart, and soul. How about cosmetic surgery? Although clinical research demonstrates that when one seem themselves more physically attractive it does change the way they relate to themselves and others. Remember that you did not invent you; you did not create yourself. You did not show up at God's door the day you were conceived saying, "I'm ready to be born now." It was not up to you and me. Unfortunately, some people believe that they just happened that it was just a bodily function that created them without any effect of Divine Intent. If this thought patter is the case with you continuing the read this note is a waist of your time. You were just a matter of chance!

But for big believers, who ultimately find joy, fulfillment, purpose, and energy in their life Divine Intent is the determining factor. If you are a big believer or want to be, be confirmed that you did not create yourself and the one who created you did it because of Love. Also be confirmed that you if you want you life to matter, it will not happen because of any effort to invent or reinvent yourself. The key is to come to know yourself so well that you come to know what you were invented to be, what you were crated to be! The point is that your life is not about reinvention rather it is about discover of what is already in your DNA (Divinely Natural Attributes).

At this very moment you are the fully unrealized potential of what you will ever be, with the emphasis on UNREALIZED. You have total package! You have all the options for what you are meant to do with your life and when you realize what they are you opportunities with become evident.

"You ask where do I begin?" you ask. You must first come to realize that activity is the enemy of self discover. If you have no time for discovery you will experience not discover. So just stay as busy as you are and you will continued to be as confused as you have been all these years.


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