Are You Too Busy Filling Potholes?

The road is bad and it does not seem to get any better no matter how many potholes you fill. This is similar to the individual or organization that is always complaining that they never get ahead, "There are always more things to do than there is time to do them!" Well, you say, "There is no surprise in that statement, Thom. Give me something I don't know!" The truth is, the human condition will always produce more worthless ideas and tasks than it will ever have the capacity or time to complete, then will make itself feel bad because it never gets enough done.

Why is it that only in the movies does a Bucket List ever get completed? It is because as we do the Bucket List, we identify other activities that appeal to us. In most cases, Bucket Lists do not bring fulfillment and meaning; they only bring a fleeting feeling of accomplishment. Accomplishment does not equate to fulfillment and meaning; only accumulation.

Lists of tasks are like roads full of potholes to be filled; there is another one and another one and another one. Rarely do we realize we use our most effective energy and time on things that don't need to get done, or at least don't need to get done right now. Even seeming successful organizations are trying to fix the most ridiculous things that take them away from the most important things; those unique things that set them apart in the market; those things that their most valued customers really want. This also goes for the individual who continuously apologizes for the mistakes they make rather than moving on to something they do really well.

Are you just doing things or are you doing the right things? Even type A's and those who are good at multitasking; those who equate getting a lot done with success, can find meaningful focus by discovering more about who they are and what they are meant to do with their efforts. A car is not meant to fly; if it does, then it is a plane not a car. Each one of us is unique. The closer we come to understanding our uniqueness, the more focused we become as to what task we should be doing and what tasks we should skip. The farther we are from our true purpose in the tasks we engage in every day; the more tension we will experience. If the propose of your life is to tell stories that engage people in understanding what living is all about, you are a novelist. The less writing you do, the more the tension builds and you will experience less meaning.

There are three levels of activity in each day: 1. The highest level of activity uses your Gift and talents. 2. The next level is follow up or support to those activities (paperwork). 3. The lowest level of activity is totally unrelated to what is your purpose. (Junk e-mail) Quit filling potholes and start paving new roads of purpose.


Why Choose a Mentor

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