Paying Attention?

You say, "I do pay attention!" "No you don't! But if you think you do, what do you pay attention to?" As I ventured through school, it was hard for me to be attentive to what the teachers were trying to help us learn. At times, it was my day dreaming tendency and at other times, it was my lack of engagement and inability to relate what I was learning to the world outside of the classroom. At this time in my life; whether it was one or the other, it makes no difference. The point is; we must learn to pay attention! We must learn to be in the moment so that we can discover what is happening to each of us now. We must learn how to engage what is happening with our talents and Gift at a meaningful level.

Why do we miss it? Why do we miss the opportunities that come our way? There are many reasons, but usually it is simply that we are too busy creating our own activities that we miss the opportunities that are meant to be a part of our life. I remember when I was 15 years old, my father had contracted with a well drilling company to drill an artesian well. They drilled and drilled; hammering away and driving the pipe deeper into the earth with every bang of the driver, but there was no water. Finally, after 3 days of hammering, they decided it was the wrong spot and started to pull the piping out of the ground. When they had pulled out about ten feet, water suddenly gushed out of the pipe; the well started running. One of the guys on the rig said, "We tried too hard on the way down and missed it, but as we pulled out it broke in on its own pressure." It is the same with us; we are so self-determined to make it, whatever it is, that we miss it. Some of us are smart enough to give into the energy of what we are trying to do and discover either of two things: 1. Whatever we are trying to do is just not meant to be.

Or 2. We are going at it from the wrong angle. What is it for you? Is what you are determined to do taking all the energy and commitment you can muster? If what we are doing runs our energy dry and does not bring any energy of its own, then it was not meant to be. When things are meant to be they bring their own energy to combine with our energy to see it through.

In my dimension of faith I call this, "Gift with Grace." As you use your Gift you get Grace; energy that fuels our strength and helps us to continue in our commitment. There is great confirmation that comes when opportunities bring energy (Grace) with them. That is the first indication that what you are doing is part of your path; it is the Divine Intent for your life. Pay attention to where your energy and grace are coming from; it will be a sign to confirm you are on the right path.


Are You Ready?

Thom shares what he means by Qualified Readiness. Are you ready to become what you are meant to be. Are you awaken to what is coming your way.