How Do You Know?

How do you know what you are doing is what you are meant to be doing? How do you know who you are now is who you are truly supposed to be? These are critical questions for all of us and have been since time began. Am I on the right path? Is this what I am supposed to be doing? Whether you are thinking of an organization you are affiliated with or yourself individually, there are three guideposts or what I call truths. First; energy comes from where we should be headed. Second; opportunities come to us that will focus on our core talents and competencies. Third; a purpose will develop that is bigger that the object or job.

First, let's think of where your energy is coming from. The false-self pours all its energy into something that is never meant to be. If it comes into existence, it can only be helped by the shear commitment of the individual or organization. These ideas or entities will never last. Is the energy of your activity coming from the activity you are doing or are you only getting back what you put in? Wake up to the truth that where you are supposed to be going and what you are supposed to be doing will bring you added energy, passion and excitement beyond your capacity. It will draw you into it and fuel your involvement.

Second, look at what is coming your way to guide you. There is a pattern in each of our lives that leads us to the path we are supposed to take. In my work it has come to me that there is a flow to events; encounters with others, and opportunities the lead us. I define things as either possibilities or opportunities. Possibilities are things we create for ourselves based on the idea that we are self-determined people. If we want it deeply enough, we can get it. However, most people I encounter aren't happy with what they received through their sheer determination which usually comes at the expense of the more meaningful things in life. Ted got what he wanted in life; a successful career, but lost his family as a result of his lifestyle. In the end, the career went away anyway.

Third; any activity can have a higher call whether it is your job, relationships, or recreation. When you begin to focus on the real objective of your life; the application of your Gift and talents, you will discover a purpose bigger that yourself. This is when you realize meaning, fulfillment, and satisfaction are not goals, they are byproducts of goals. Is a doctor practicing medicine, or helping people live a healthier life no matter what happens to them physically? Are you teaching, or are you preparing kids for a life to be lived with character and virtue? Are you building houses, or helping people find a home that adds to what it means to live in a family or community? Are you a manager, or are helping people discover the full-unrealized potential of their talents and Gift?

It's time to ask these questions in order to come to know yourself and your call at a deeper level. Develop a daily reflection routine. Ignatius of Loyal, the founder of a huge organization over 500 years ago, discovered his call by simply asking and reflecting on this question each day. We, too, at the end of every day can ask ourselves one of three questions: Where is my energy coming from? What opportunities came into my life today without my effort? What is the higher purpose for my work?


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