Your Call is Not Your Career!

How many of us judge ourselves by what we do? We judge ourselves by our careers! We judge ourselves by how successful we have been in our work and even our relationships. We compare ourselves with others based on our income or possessions. No wonder most people are unsatisfied with their life and work. They look at what they expected and the outcomes don't quite measure up. It is heartbreaking to hear so many young people after a few years out of college, share the same frustration; the investment they made in an education has not produced the career they expected.

In reality, it is the same for all of us. First, we must come to accept that the human condition, cannot in truth, be completely satisfied. At any level of accomplishment, human nature will heap additional expectations on top; never allowing the top to be achieved. We climb the mountain only to realize, that from the top, we only get another view of the sky and not heaven (perfection.) Organizations are comprised of humans so they experience the same dilemma. There is no final arrival. Our faith teaches us that the earthly environment was not created to offer perfect satisfaction; there is no Ultimate; Superlative; Platinum; Diamond or whatever. In reality, on this earth there is no perfect.

If we are going to find any satisfaction, fulfillment or meaning, the secret is not to look at something, but to look within it. The secret is not to look at your career as an identity, but rather what you are called to do within it. It is not the career, but the call in the career. The clearer the call in the career, the more meaningful, fulfilling and joyful the work will be. No matter how you look at the issue of satisfaction, it is about purposing your life and work at a higher level. It is all about purposing you life in Divine Intent.

Does John Deere, as the AG manufacturer, produce tractors or is their call to make the farmer's life easier? Is Mayo Clinic in the medicine or engaging people in healthier, fuller, more fulfilling lives? Is Apple just developing technology devices or connecting the world in uniquely creative ways? Was my career in professional speaking or engaging audiences to see the possibilities of leadership and taking action after my presentation was over? Answering for you, "Who you are and what you are called to do" is not my job; it is for you to discover. All I do is engage you in unpacking your Gift so you can apply it and discover the purpose of your call.

Be confirmed that your call; your life purpose, does not come from your career. It comes from what we do in our careers. Our call comes from applying our Gift to the opportunities of Divine Intent. In the daily routine of this pattern, each of us will draw closer to discovering more about ourselves and our call.


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