Do You Know If You Are On the Path?

Do you know if you are applying your Gift in the right places? Do you know if you are applying your Gift for the right reason? Remember, your Gift was given to you when you were created to make a difference in the world. Your God given Gift is the single unique thing that you do without thinking about it. Your Gift sets you apart and draws you to engage the people, situations, and opportunities that come your way. A Gift is hard to explain to others, however when applied, allows the Spirit to help you overcome the challenges in the path.

So how do you know that you are applying your Gift in the right places and for the right reason? When you are sharing your Gift, are you getting reactions or confirmations? The key is to look for the confirmations; not just the reactions. Reactions are compliments; "You did a great job. You are a great speaker, one of the best we have ever heard! We sure like the way you are doing things!" During a lifetime, these reactions and compliments may even turn into awards or commendations. Unfortunately, we mistakenly take reactions for confirmations.

Reactions are statements indicating that somehow or for some reason, others admire and appreciate you. Nice, but not earth shaking. Confirmations on the other hand, are not the appreciation of your Gift, but the acknowledgement that your Gift has changed the world; not just made an impression. A few examples: Someone emails a statement of how your Gift has made their life or work better, or how they have come to understand themselves and their full potential at a deeper level. These are confirmations of the application of your Gift; not just a reaction to your work in the form of a flattering compliment.

When Mother Teresa received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979, she was reluctant to go and receive it. She was well aware that it was a reaction. Her confirmation was with each person she helped each day among the poorest of the poor. The application of her Gift was also confirmed by over 4,000 women who joined in her ministry; the Missionaries of Charity.

When you are applying your Gift in the right places and for the right reason, you are becoming aware of its effect. Your Gift is not meant to be brokered; it is not meant to make you a lot of money, or accumulate the possessions of this world. Your Gift is meant to make the world a better place. This personally humbles me for I used my Gift to make a great living. Thankfully, like St. Paul, I was awakened to the fact that I had missed it. I missed the purpose of my Gift to engage others in discovering their full potential of their Gift.

Begin by assessing if you are on the right path; the path of Divine Intent.



Thom shares that we do not change rather we transform. We do not have processes to our life we have patterns that we follow.