Is it a Truth or Just One of Your Ideas?

Why are we so confused today? Wow, there are many reasons! Perhaps there are too many loud voices yelling their own personal opinions at each other, or too many people professing what they think is the Truth? I would suggest that competition and relativism are the keys to the major problems in the world. Now how do I know that? Well I don't, but the greatest minds of all time would be wrong as they are saying the same thing. "Yes!" you say, "They can all be wrong!"

The greatest minds can be wrong, but Truth cannot be wrong; as a great professor, Dr. Michael Naughton, tried to teach me. We do not own Truth; Truth owns us. It is Truth that makes the proud fall and the humble rise; "For it was when I was weak that I was strong." It is Truth that always rises to the surface over time because the world was created in Truth. How about truths like, "Nothing is perfect in this life!" "Divine Intent works for the good because all was originally created for the good!" "Respect for life and others draws us all to the common good of all." "It is the path and not the destination that draws the energy to the journey." "It is in sharing what we have received that we truly receive." "You Gift in application clarifies your call." "Everything in nature was created so as to fit together to co-create together."

I'm not sure you are getting the idea; my point is if you are really going to become what you are meant to be and created to do, you need to surrender to the Truth. When we live by Truth things work; energy comes; our journey becomes more clear and resistance diminishes. If you want to know you are getting closer to a truth, focus on the energy, the clarity, and the lack of resistance. We are all full of ideas about being happy and successful, but to be who we are meant to be, our ideas must be attached to a truth. No supportive truth; no happy successful ideas.

One of the truths I have shared with organizations over the years stated, "It is not what you sell, but what the customer buys that creates the real value and leadership." For example: Are we producing tractors or are we creating value by making the farmer's life easier? Are we making you well when you get sick or helping your stay healthy before you get sick? Am I just giving a speech or speaking in a way that engages you in the possibilities of your uniqueness? Are we just building campers or are we bringing family and friends together around the campfire? It's the same question you need to ask yourself about your life; what are people receiving from what you are doing? Are they growing in their own self-understanding? Are they coming to appreciate what it means to be a part of a caring, nurturing, community? Is your life helping others focus on the good?

"Send out your light and your truth; let them lead me; let them bring your dwelling place!"


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