A Mentor not a Role Model!

Who do you want to be like when you grow up? "Oh," you say, "I am already grown up!" Sorry to tell you, but you are not. None of us are and I am not talking about your level of maturity. No one ever arrives at the state of 'grown up,' nor do any of us arrive at the pure state of maturity. In both cases, this would be the state of perfection which is not possible in our human existence. The Divine Intent for our lives is to always be growing and maturing; as in transforming. We are becoming what we are meant to be during the whole trip.

The fallacy most of us operate under is that we need a role model with which to compare our progress; that person who is the benchmark for our growth and maturity. If I were just like that person, what a great person I would be! It is all benchmark comparison. This same method has been used with the organizations I have had the privilege to work with over the years. They never realized their full potential because they always looked within their industry and emulated the leaders, rather than discover their true selves.

Any of us would be overwhelmed if we did a search of the most popular role models. We would discover we have not heard of them and if we had, we would not seek to be associated with them. "Not enough great role models today," many declare, but think about it. Do you really want someone to compare yourself with, or would you rather have someone who guides you to discover who YOU are; what YOU are meant to be and do in YOUR life? Do you want to be Desmond Tutu, or do you want to be the person God created you to be? If the latter is the case, then you want a mentor; not a role model. Role models set a standard while mentors guide you in following a path based on your Gift, talents, and opportunities. You need a mentor that is like a great mom who helps you become you. One who helps you learn about your strengths and weaknesses. A great mom/mentor, guides you through the challenges of life to discover the good in everything; how everything can be used in the process of our transformation. They teach that you may have to fall down to rise up. They are there to encourage you to test yourself through the stages of a life of transformation. They teach you that life offers both joy and pain, as the two go hand in hand.

A mentor is not someone who tells you what they think you should be doing nor do they challenge you to go for it. They are the steadfast person who is committed to guide you in discovering the Divine Intent within. They guide you to ask yourself the bigger questions: What am I to learn from what is happening to me? What Gift and talents have I been given that will lead me to my call in life? A mentor doesn't bring answers, but rather solid questions. They challenge you to deal with Truth and not just ideas. Who is your mentor? You say, "I don't have one!" Readiness for a mentor takes preparation; perhaps you haven't been ready until now.


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