Peace be with you!

So, you say, "I just cannot find peace!" Do you find yourself longing to get away from all the confusion, frustration, discontent, interruptions and noise in your life? Is your solution to head to the beach in hope of finding some peace and contentment? For some reason, you are convinced the only way to find peace is to go somewhere else to escape the reality of the present. Changing your location, relationships or career to find peace is a misconception. Ok, you can try running away, but the truth is, you can never get away from yourself.

If you are not at peace, why do you think peace can be found by simply changing your environment? This only provides a temporary escape, not a solution that creates real change or transformation. If you want real peace, which is a sustainable condition of life, you will need to find poustinia, which means finding peace in the middle of traffic. How do you find peace when the world around you is not at peace? Peace is a theological condition of accepting the will of Divine Intent for your life. It is a belief that peace does not come to you, but rather comes from you. In other words, the world around you will become more peaceful when you become more peaceful.

But how can you have peace if you're busy regretting the past and fearing the future? How can you find peace if you think everyone has more peace than you have? How can you find peace if you are always trying to change others rather than changing yourself? Peace is not found in being able to control everything in your life. I am not suggesting that to find peace you simply give up and resign yourself to mediocrity. Rather, as a first step, learn to live in the moment and secondly, try to look for the good in everything. Paul's letter to the Romans says that Divine Intent causes all things to work together for those who are called according to God's purpose. (Rom. 8:28) The insight is that we will always have problems in this life, but good can come from everything if we apply our Gifts and talents to the opportunities that come our way.

Finding good in things that are not good or did not work out the way we had planned, often brings us to the path we were meant to follow. Early on in my life I lost a job with WTMJ NBC in Milwaukee. At the time I felt devastated, but then I ended up with a job at Wisconsin Bank Shares which put me on the path to a wonderful speaking career.

When we have peace as a condition of our existence we make better decisions. The rush to fill the void in our life is diminished and the path becomes clearer.

The truth states that you bring peace to the environment; the environment does not make you peaceful.