It will not add a single moment to your life!

Can anyone by worry add a single moment to one's life span?

This is a truth we cannot deny. You can work out each day and not add a day to your life span; life will still take you on its schedule. You can worry about where this world is going, however, it will give you nothing but potential ulcers. I have come to realize I cannot even control the little things in my life on a daily basis. You can take a sheet of paper and list every wonderful thing you would do if you were in control of the world, but the reality is, we were never meant to be in a position of control. I can plan for the future, prepare for the future and I can build for the future, then in a split second, all the planning, preparing, and building can be swept away.

Now, let me be clear and go for the record (before I get a thousand text messages), I didn't just say that planning is not important. I am not saying that preparation is not important. In all honesty, I could use more of both. What I am saying is that planning and the exercise of goal setting must not be driven by worry. It should be driven by the energy of anticipation and if that anticipation is not fulfilled as expected, you must not sit back and question yourself as to WHY.

Why me? Why now? Why this? I've been a good person. I've worked hard. Why me? You sound like the story of Job in the Old Testament. You can spend your life asking the "WHY" question and not get any closer to a valid answer.

The real question is not why, but what? Not, "Why did this happen?" but rather, "What am I to do as a result of what happened?" Or even better, "What I am to learn from this?"

The answer comes to the wise, not the smart. The wise place the object of their life in the center of their life, while the smart spend their time trying to calculate a cause for what appears to have gone wrong. The wise person lives for the purpose of their life rather than trying to obtain objects they think will fill their life. Objects and possessions eventually go away while the purpose of life becomes more fulfilling and meaningful. So what is the purpose of your life? How are you applying that purpose in the opportunities that come your way each day? How deeply are you getting into life? Are you a river with the current of your life being driven by the worry of drying up or are you a well getting ever deeper into what is really meaningful?