In other words, what is you calling? The most critical topic on the mind of most people today of any age following puberty is captured in this question. It is safe to say that you, like most of us, do not have a concise answer. As Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs determined, "Once we are no longer worried about what we will eat and where we will live, we move up the pyramid to the question of purpose and existence."

In an effort to answer this question, most people do one of four things. First, they run around asking their friends and life coaches what they should be doing with their life as though the friend has any idea about their own purpose, much less theirs. Second, they read a book or attend one of the thousands of workshops regarding the subject of "becoming the best version of themselves," but can one become the best version of something they don't know or understand? Third, they just get so busy with the things of their life that they come to think that what they are doing will reveal who they are so clearly and then they will suddenly find their purpose. Or fourth, people identify with a role model thinking if they simply become like that role model, they will discover the purpose of their life. We aren't anyone else nor will we ever be. We are each created unique.

So, it is important that we quit being so impatient. Self-discovery does not come in an instant. It is a wonderful life journey. We will never have the perfect descriptive statement of our purpose in this world of imperfection. The answer to purpose is not in our career, education, relationships, or our religious beliefs; it is in the Divine Intent for our life. Now, if I didn't lose you over that last statement, please read on.

The irrevocable truth of existence declares, "It is not what we do that yields our life purpose, but rather who we are that brings the purpose to what we do." It was revealed in an ancient statement about the tree and the fruit. An apple does not make the tree an apple tree; the tree was an apple tree before it produced apples. You see, the apple tree can only produce apples because that is its purpose. The problem with human beings is that we can produce all kinds of self-truth whether we are created to produce it or not.

The question comes down to, "What are you created to produce and can you be satisfied that it is your purpose?" You are your Gift. Your life is your DNA (Divine Natural Attribute). It is a talent that you can apply without having to think about it, but when you do apply it, everything changes for the good. Your Gift, your DNA, is something you cannot teach to others. You can apply your Gift in all parts of your life and when you do apply it freely, the energy and joy are immeasurable.

Do you know your DNA...Divine Natural Attribute?