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"Leaders do not compete and competitors rarely lead!"
Thomas Winninger

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Delivering keynote speeches that will: INSPIRE, IGNITE, and ENLIGHTEN...


Why do Individual and Organization Fail to Succeed?

 Thom works with clients to answer this question, he provides insights into your business by conducting trend research for your specific business. 

  • For thirty years Thom has been working with Industry Leaders; helping them discover the Absolute Truths, or foundations, of their business.  
  • Absolute Truths will become the foundation of all that you do, both internally and externally. Thom will help you build a foundation of truths upon which you attach ideas.
  • Your ability to succeed, in any market, relies on your ability to attach these Absolute Truths to your ideas.  
  • Thom’s presentation will combine: his experience as a business strategy expert; the latest market research on business growth and differentiation; and the Absolute Truths of philosophers, like Aristotle.  
  • Thom’s coaching takes a universal approach…inviting you to connect Absolute Truths with your purpose; in your business, career, and life.  
  • Thom will transform your audience with: Absolute Truths.

Additionally Thom will encourage your audience to Think Smartto tap into the intuitive nature of the people that are already on the bus…to inspire new thinking that will push your business through the tough times.  

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