Thom Winninger lives by truth, and that’s why profound questions are the cornerstone of his transformational self-discovery pattern for individuals and organizations alike.

Questions are the foundation of all discovery, but all questions are not made equal: The better the question, the deeper the understanding.

Thom works closely with you to identify the right questions to ask in order to help you achieve the deepest level of self-understanding.

While asking questions about yourself might seem straightforward, asking the right questions can be a challenging task. Many people and organizations—whether consciously or not—make the mistake of asking questions that seek to confirm a “speculative identity,” coming up with a thesis about themselves and then trying to prove it. It’s easy to ask questions that serve to confirm that your life or business is on the right track; it’s much harder to ask questions that challenge you to rethink your real purpose.

Thom is one of the few I have met like him. He is super charged to bring clarity to the end result. His processes and strategies helped me understand not only my likes but dislikes as well. His insights helped me discover and realize my core competencies and focus on them.

Thom’s advice is to avoid trying to confirm your pre-conceived identity. In fact, he advises to forget who you are, and what you are doing, before formulating your unique questions.

Like all solid investigations, the investigation into the self must include a comprehensive range of thought-provoking questions, including all W’s: Who? What? When? Where? The last type of question that must be asked is perhaps the most important: How?

As part of this discovery pattern Thom will guide you through asking such life-changing questions as: Who do I enjoy being with? What do I learn easily? What do I have a passion to discover? What is the gift that I have been given to share with others? When am I most energized? What comes easily to me that I can’t explain to others? How can I confirm the reality of my gift in my daily life? How can I open myself up—without pre-judgment? What opportunities have come to me with little or no effort?

By asking yourself such questions, you will begin to see hugely profound answers emerge. Indeed, you will also become closer to Divine Intent for your life!

By asking yourself such questions, you will begin to see hugely profound answers emerge. Indeed, you will also become closer to Divine Intent. Thom will share with you how to ask yourself one question each morning and each evening—and then in reflection write down what comes into your mind. After doing this over a period of time, you’ll begin to see a pattern of what Thom refers to as convergent repetition. Then, you’ll find a deepened understanding of key parts of your life that you never considered before.

Any individual or organization with a deep sense of self has asked questions of themselves and spent time reflecting on the answers to those questions. Then, they have reviewed the insight that has resulted from that reflection, and confirmed it by changing their behavior accordingly. As Thom likes to say, “Inspired in reflection, confirmed in action. No action, no confirmation.”

and start asking your questions today.