Self discovery is central to Thom Winninger’s groundbreaking method for achieving a life of meaning.

In this particular environment, to discover is to reveal who you really are, what you’re meant to do with your life, and where you find the most joy.

Discovering is an unpacking process: It’s taking out all of your traits and characteristics, and arranging them to paint a picture of your future.

The reality of your fulfilled life is revealed once all of your unique components are put together. Only then will you have discovered Divine’s plan for you.

This transformational discovery process begins with asking questions to identify “gifts”—Thom’s term for characteristic abilities that are innate in your DNA. Gifts are identified and qualified through questions such as: What can you do easily? Where do you get your energy from? What is the highest application of your gift? And where do you get the most results from using your gift?

Thom brings a wonderful new start to each day with his Landing Up! daily reflections. His process helped me discover my true purpose, transform my focus, and started me on a journey to find the Divine Intent for my life and work.
Founder, Keep Shedding! Inc.

For individuals, the discovery pattern ultimately answers this question: How can you best apply your gifts to create the most joy and meaning in your life? For organizations, this is the key question to answer: What are the organization’s core competencies and how can they best be applied, as a group, to reach the targeted market? By answering these powerful questions, both individuals and companies begin to understand what makes them feel fulfilled.

Over the past decade, Thom has discovered that most people are unfulfilled simply because they identify the object of life incorrectly: They think the object of life is to attain happiness, specific possessions, or a desired position. What they don’t realize is that this mindset totally inhibits their ability to find fulfillment, meaning, and joy.

If you tell yourself, “Once I acquire this object, then I’ll be happy,” you’ll never find what you’re looking for. Material objects, by their nature, go away. You can’t create a sustainable feeling of joy in life based on an object that inevitably deteriorates. Instead, Thom will share with you how to identify a determined object that makes the world better: an object of service, of application, and of giving. Not an object of receiving or arriving.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly this will start to happen.

to discover yourself.

Once you identify your gift through Thoms pattern of discovery, Divine Intent will send opportunities into your life that will call on you to deliver that gift.