Legacy Roundtables

No matter the obstacle keeping you from finding joy, Thom Winninger’s Legacy Roundtable can help you discover true life fulfillment. This monthly program brings together 12 likeminded participants, all searching for answers to the same powerful question: What am I meant to do with my life?
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Retreats with Thom Winninger are the perfect starting-point for people looking to dramatically improve the clarity of their lives. At these day-long events, Thom shares the most important concepts that people must understand in order to bring meaning, focus, and clarity to the direction of their lives.
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Personal Guided Encounters

Thom’s Personal Guided Encounters include monthly sit-down sessions with Thom over the course of a year. As a participant in Personal Guided Encounters, you’ll learn about one major, life-fulfilling concept each month—and then you’ll incorporate it into your life until your next meeting with Thom. Thom calls this process “anchoring you in the principle, then setting you loose.”
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Thom Winninger is a sought-after speaker who has given engaging keynote presentations to hundreds of organizations across a wide spectrum of industries. Thom combines practical advice about business growth, leadership, and transformation with a unique motivational component. Companies looking for a speaker with real substance, true expertise, and the ability to effect dramatic change should look no further.
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