What does it mean to truly transform yourself or your organization? Contrary to popular belief, transformation isn’t about acquiring objects, like that new office space or your dream house. It’s not even about achieving goals, like trying to become a successful business owner or vying for a company award.

Most people are never actually transformed by changing themselves in order to get what they want. Working harder to afford a new house might change your work habits for a while, but it won’t transform you from within.

True transformation is about self-actualization: becoming who you were always meant to be.

Thom Winninger shares with individuals and organizations how to truly transform themselves by erasing the need to achieve fleeting goals or to attain material objects—and replacing it with self-actualization.

For individuals, the key to this transformation is discovering your gift, applying it, and confirming your purpose by sharing it with others. As you spend more time delivering your gift, you become a more unique person. True transformation comes when you take that uniqueness and apply it across the full spectrum of your life.

At organizations, transformation comes from using the combination of team-members’ gifts to create a collective culture of uniqueness. This process is reflective of what the Lord said about community, to paraphrase: “I gave everybody a different gift and unique opportunities so that together sharing their gifts they could become fulfilled; so that they would be whole.””

Thom’s steps are simple to follow because they are broken down so brilliantly, he makes it so plausible for Jesus to become my friend. He taught me how to listen and I know that I am never alone. Step by step he showed me how to take the courage to instantly turn to Divine Intent for help and support.
Director of Operations, Julstro Method

With Thom’s guidance, organizations can take the unique competencies of their individuals and tie them together to make a whole. Thom is a firm believer that an organization is never stronger than its weakest link. Indeed, it’s never stronger than the failure to use just one team member’s gift.

Thom’s powerful approach to transformation will help you achieve self-actualization, a fuller life, a closer relationship to Divine Intent and an entirely new way of looking at life’s objectives.

to begin your transformation now.