Thom immediately engaged me in his every word. His focus was smart, applicable and inspirational. I was already achieving my goals, but wanted to take my work to next the level. Thom’s insight and advice quickly advanced my approach, from thinking about what I wanted next, to making it happen. Thom’s style was ideal… a balance of assertive direction and collaborative listening, Thom had a huge impact.
Author of Brand Turnaround, The Branding Diva®

Thom brings a wonderful new start to each day with his daily reflections. His insights helped me to discover my strengths and gifts. His process helped me discover my true purpose. Helped me transform my focus and started me on a journey to find the divine intent for my life and work.
Founder, Keep Shedding! Inc.

Thom’s unique perspective rooted in fundamental truths of faith that give clarity to purpose, and approaches to real life’s challenges, with real world experience.  I trust Thom’s wisdom and guidance on matters of work and life.
International, Inc.

Thom gets right to the core of any crucial life or work issue. He brought to me a tremendous amount of experience and value.
Consultant/Author Leadership By Choice!

Thom is one of the few I have met like him. He is super charged to bring clarity to the end result. His processes and strategies helped me understand not only my likes but dislikes as well. His insights helped me discover and realize my core competencies and focus on them.

Thom’s steps are simple to follow because they are broken it down so brilliantly, he makes it so plausible for Jesus to become my friend. He taught me how to listen and I know that I am never alone. Step by step he showed me how to the courage to instantly turn to Jesus for help and support.
Director of Operations, Julstro Method

I took to Thom what I hoped was a good idea and in a brief conversation he showed me how to make it HUGE, to impact and help even more people. He is so brilliant, yet he explained his insights and suggestions with such simplicity and clarity, that I could understand and easily implement them. His expertise and knowledge is only exceeded by his patient kindness and encouragement. He showed me how to make my idea significant!
Nurse, Author, Chicken Soup for the Nurses Soul

Thom Winninger has gained deep insights into the inner life and shares not just the lessons, but the process that can be used to dive deep into your own story. If you’re ready to get out of the boat and live life as God intended us to live it, I recommend you read this engaging and interactive book
Author of The Fred Factor: How Passion in Your Work and Life Can Turn the Ordinary into the Extraordinary

If you’ve ever awaked in the middle of the night wondering, “Is this all there is for me?,” Winninger’s work leads you to life- changing answers. Using everyday scenarios, Scripture, prayer suggestions, piercing personal questions, and reflections on everyday reality, Winninger invites readers to join him on a journey to discover their life purpose.
Author of The Voice of Authority

Thom Winninger not only “gets” out of the boat, he lives there! I have known this inspiring man for almost a generation. I trust him…and so can you. Take his message to heart and let his inspiration touch your life. You and our world will be better because you did so.
Author of Relationship Selling

With profound purpose and passion, Thom strikes with intentionality and experiences the probing of our hearts. We are challenged to go deeper in the well of our giftedness in this treatise written from the depths of personal experience and the empowering of the Holy Spirit. What an enigma!
Christian leader and cofounder of SmartHealth

Thom is a creative “genius where his mentoring shines with a wide array of talents. He helped me reposition my work focus at a higher level. His talents are a welcome and refreshing resource – corporate managers, speakers and consultants may well benefit from his expertise. Thom’s personal values work side by side to complement his gifts.
Founder, Unforgettable Outcomes International

TThom’s insights are excellent for stimulating introspection and organizing your thinking on the big issues, the big rocks in life – purpose, meaning, and clarity.  He has powerful ideas and messages that need to be heard time and time again to help us all align ourselves to who we are truly meant to be and by doing so get the most out of every day of our life.
VP Sales Performance International