Personal Guided Encounters

Deciding to change your life can be a challenging process. Succeeding can be even tougher.

That’s why Thom Winninger offers Personal Guided Encounters, a mentorship program that prepares people for true transformation.

Thom’s Personal Guided Encounters include monthly sit-down sessions with Thom over the course of a year. As a participant in Personal Guided Encounters, you’ll learn about one major, life-fulfilling concept each month—and then you’ll incorporate it into your life until your next meeting with Thom. Thom calls this process “anchoring you in the principle, then setting you loose.” The result is a remarkable, empowering journey of self-discovery.

Thom is a creative genius where his mentoring shines with a wide array of talents. He helped me reposition my work focus at a higher level. His talents are a welcome and refreshing resource – corporate managers, speakers and consultants may well benefit from his expertise. Thom’s personal values work side by side to complement his gifts.
Founder, Unforgettable Outcomes International

The 12 Steps of Personal Guided Encounters

At each monthly encounter, you’ll spend time discussing a different concept about how to discover the gifts of the self, receiving expert advice and mentorship from Thom. You’ll learn how to confirm your gifts in the real world, too. To accomplish this, Thom will teach you his 12 steps for true transformation, focusing on one step in each monthly session:

  1. The truth about becoming yourself
    This first step explores what it means to become who you are truly meant to be. Thom will help you lay the groundwork for this crucial life transformation.
  2. Preparing to become yourself
    How prepared are you to become your true self? This second step will answer that question, as you “unpack” all of your life components. What’s standing in your way of finding joy?
  3. The pattern of self-discovery
    What is self-discovery and why is it important? This step entails learning Thom’s remarkable pattern for self-discovery, and revealing what your given gift is. Once you discover that gift, you’ll then move toward a deeper understanding of yourself.
  4. Confirming your God-given gift
    How can you be sure that you’re applying your gift correctly? In this step, you’ll learn all about how to confirm your given gift, ensuring that you’re on the right path. Thom will also teach you the difference between true confirmation and false confirmation.
  5. Applying your given gift
    Here, you’ll learn how to apply your given gift in the real world. This step involves practicing actions that support your gift, and learning which environments are best for your true purpose in life.
  6. Simplifying your life
    This is the halfway point in the pattern process. You’ll begin to identify which aspects of your life truly sustain transformation, and which you must discard. The end result will be a major simplification of your life.
  7. Asking questions for transformation
    Asking the right questions is critical to the pattern of transformation. Here, you’ll learn what questions to ask, and how to learn from the answers you find. Your transformation will be continually prompted by the questions you ask to learn more about yourself.
  8. Reflecting and contemplating
    This is a step of true reflection and contemplation, where you’ll learn an entirely new way of thinking. Thom calls this “breaking free of the secular way of thinking,” and learning to recognize and understand Divine Intent.
  9. The truth about Divine Intent
    Here, you’ll delve further into the concept of Divine Intent, and come to a deeper understanding of how Divine Intent is present in your life.
  10. Creating sustainable fulfillment
    This part of the pattern is all about how to sustain your life fulfillment over time. How do you continue to become what you’re meant to be, without stalling or getting trapped by the challenges of daily life?
  11. Measuring your progress
    Measuring your progress is an important component of achieving true transformation. Thom will teach you how to gauge your progress both subjectively and objectively, so that you can qualify and quantify your transformation.
  12. Committing to continuous self-discovery
    Finally, you will commit to repeat this pattern of self-discovery for a closed-loop experience of transformation. This process never ends, and you’ll only continue to improve your life as you go. As Thom puts it, “We begin and end continually at the beginning.”

By the end of your Personal Guiding experience with Thom, you’ll be anchored in the concept of becoming who and what you’re meant to be; you’ll feel closer to Divine Intent for your life; and you’ll have an entirely new arrangement of priorities in life. To learn more about Personal Guiding with Thom, reach out to him today—and get ready to start transforming.