Thom Winninger has developed a powerful, transformative pattern for self-understanding and life fulfillment.

For those who want to immerse themselves for one day in Thom’s life-changing ideas about joy and meaning and fulfillment, his retreats offer an incredible experience.

Retreats with Thom Winninger are the perfect starting-point for people looking to dramatically improve the clarity of their lives.

At these day-long events, Thom shares the most important concepts that people must understand in order to bring meaning, focus, and clarity to the direction of their lives. All of this centers around discovering who they really are and what they are supposed to be doing with their lives.

At his retreats, Thom shares five life—correcting concepts for finding true joy, after which the entire group reflects together on the ideas. Next, all participants are invited to engage in a lively Q&A session with Thom.

With profound purpose and passion, Thom strikes with intentionality and experiences the probing of our hearts.
Christian leader and cofounder of SmartHealth

Thom’s retreats are a fantastic meaningful opportunity for both individuals and organizations to build a foundation for sustainable success. Retreat participants are given an intimate look at the fundamental principles behind Thom’s groundbreaking pattern for finding joy and fulfillment, which includes the following 12 passages:

  1. The truth about becoming yourself
  2. Preparing to become yourself
  3. The pattern of self-discovery
  4. Confirming your given gift
  5. Applying your given gift
  6. Simplifying your life
  7. Asking questions for transformation
  8. Reflecting and contemplating
  9. The truth about Divine Intent
  10. Creating sustainable fulfillment
  11. Measuring your progress
  12. Committing to continuous self-discovery

Participants will come away with five major concepts of self-understanding, and answers to tough questions about their life and work. They will also learn to ask the right questions of themselves, in order to discover their given gifts and the purpose of their lives.

Thom offers both private retreats for individuals and larger company retreats. In both cases, these unique events clarify goals, confirm purpose, and stimulate broader reflections about joy and success.

to start the journey to life fulfillment and sustainable success.