Legacy Roundtables

As we get older, many of us begin to recognize that certain aspects of our lives are unfulfilled.

The most common scenario is that successful businesspeople realize they’re unhappy in their personal lives. Some of these individuals have framed their whole lives around their careers, and now they struggle to define themselves outside of their jobs. Others have achieved neither financial nor personal fulfillment, and can’t understand why.

No matter the obstacle keeping you from finding joy, Thom Winninger’s Legacy Roundtable can help you discover true life fulfillment. This monthly program brings together 12 likeminded participants, all searching for answers to the same powerful question: What am I meant to do with my life?

Thom Winninger not only “gets” out of the boat, he lives there! I have known this inspiring man for almost a generation. I trust him…and so can you. Take his message to heart and let his inspiration touch your life. You and our world will be better because you did so.
Author of Relationship Selling

How It Works

Each Legacy Roundtable includes a monthly luncheon-style gathering, where a dozen participants exchange ideas, share their stories, and listen to expert advice from Thom. During each 2-hour luncheon, Thom gives a 30-minute presentation about one of the following 12 passages to his groundbreaking pattern for finding joy and fulfillment:

  1. The truth about becoming yourself
  2. Preparing to become yourself
  3. The pattern of self-discovery
  4. Confirming your God-given gift
  5. Applying your given gift
  6. Simplifying your life
  7. Asking questions for transformation
  8. Reflecting and contemplating
  9. The truth about divine intent
  10. Creating sustainable fulfillment
  11. Measuring your progress
  12. Committing to continuous self-discovery

For each of these 12 passages, Thom lays out 4 specific objectives for the Legacy Roundtable group. The group then reflects upon each principle, and engages in fruitful discussion. All participants are given the chance to share their reflections on that day’s concept, so they can leverage the collective brainpower of the group to help them overcome their challenges.

After each luncheon, Thom assigns a month-long task for participants to accomplish before the next gathering. All Legacy Roundtable members are also given subscriptions to Thom’s e-magazine, and the option to sign up for a 50-minute one-on-one session with Thom every second month.

No matter the obstacle keeping you from finding joy, Thom Winninger’s Legacy Roundtable can help you discover true life fulfillment.

Timing and Results

Participants usually attend the Legacy Roundtable over the course of 36 months—repeating the 12-step pattern three times. Each year offers an increasingly enhanced focus about the topic at hand, allowing the group to grow and learn more each time: The first 12 sessions give exposure to the key concepts; the second 12 offer engagement with them; and the third 12 provide a sense of “arriving” at them.

Typical results from the Legacy Roundtable include:

  • Learning how to look for joy in all aspects of life
  • Learning how to focus on the destination, rather than the past
  • Dramatically improving your personal relationships
  • Learning to recognize Divine Intent in your life

If you want to transform your life—and finally get it right—sign up for the next available Legacy Roundtable encounter. Your journey to life fulfillment starts here.