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Get Out of the Boat!

Discover the Meaning of Your Life

By Thomas J. Winninger

Each of us has a unique purpose for our lives. The reason most of us experience so much tension on a daily basis is that we don’t know our purpose. When you don’t know your purpose you don’t know what choices to make about what you should be doing with your life.
Stalled, frustrated, confused, lacking energy, lacking meaning and a feeling of fulfillment?

Realize that it is not meaning but purpose that brings fulfillment.

I wrote this book to share with you a simple understanding of how you can discover the intent for your life. Each of us has a gift that guides us to purpose and meaning. My own self-discovery came through a pattern of morning reflections and evening confirmation. In the morning read a scripture and ask a focus questions like, “Help me today to see where my energy is coming from?” Then in the evening read the same scripture and ask, “Where today did my energy come from?” As you reflect daily with the use of this little book, and track the answers to your questions, you will discover redundancies, which are similar answers. In these redundant answers you will discover wonderful things about yourself and the meaning of your life.

You will come to answer the questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What is the meaning of my life?
  • What is my real gift?
  • Which opportunities should I be embracing?
  • What is Divine Intent for my life?
  • How do I overcome roadblocks to my path?
  • What are my hidden opportunities?

Get Out of the Boat! is only 100 pages, but has helped thousand of people find clarity of purpose and direction in their life and work. The pattern I share in this book will set your life on track with the belief that there is something in your life that is bigger than you. There is Divine Intent based on your gift, that characteristic that makes you uniquely you.

For a contribution of $15 plus $4.50 shipping and handling I will send you a copy of the little book that brings big results for your life direction.

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